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after all, they're only air. what's the harm?

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After all, they're only air. Where's the harm?
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ieatmywords is a quotes community. It was founded to provide an outlet for people who suffer from eating disorders, or are otherwise involved with eating disorders in some way. These quotes can be from poetry, books, songs, and so on. Nonfiction quotes are also accepted as long as they are relevant.

Your mod is frailing (formerly pudorweb). Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about the community.


This community has open membership. In order to join, click here. Posting access is open to all members upon joining.


To see an example of an appropriate post, CLICK HERE. Scroll down further to see how to tag your entry.

If your post is in some way inappropriate and/or offensive, you will be asked you to delete or modify your post. If you do not delete it within 24 hours, the post will be deleted for you. Also note that you may be banned for inappropriate comments, so beware.

This community is not to be used as a place to promote other communities. Promotional posts will be deleted.

Please post quotes relating to eating disorders. Also, do not post visual art. Here are a few similar communities that may meet your needs if they cannot be met here:
- strugglespoken - quotes community focusing on depression
- sa_art - art community focusing on sexual abuse
- ed_art - art community focusing on eating disorders

Feel free to contact me if you have any other suggestions for linked communities or if you would like to become affiliates!


Please tag your posts with the medium (- lyrics, - misc. quotation, - movie, - nonfiction work, - novel, - other, - play, - poetry, - short story, - tv, - unknown source) and attribution, if available in the tags list.

To suggest new tags, please private message (PM) notacrnflkgirl.


To promote the community:
1) Save the above banner to your hard drive.
2) Upload it to a picture hosting service.
3) Cut and paste the following text into your userinfo:

Community layout was designed by truman.

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